Hunter Simons

My name is Hunter founder of Only Positive Stories.
I am fortunate and have a great life I also have great parents guiding me.
My Mom has always taught us to be Positive and Think Positive.
I Find My Strong on the soccer fields.
This wasn’t always the case- I joined travel soccer at the age of 9. I thought I was a good athlete since I was doing gymnastics since the age of 4.
I realized fast that this was not the case for travel soccer.
I tried my best but wasn’t that good. I didn’t get much playing time at all.
After a game I said to my Mom-“Why doesn’t the coach believe in me”.
I’ll never forget what she said and I am so thankful she said it - Mom looked me in the eye and said I am going to tell you the truth and I if you promise to put in the effort I will help you every step of the way.
She said “you need to get better” - “you have potential but you need to get better”. She said are you willing to put in the work - I said yes.
The next day she hired a private soccer coach who worked with me.
Little by little I improved - little by little I got more playing time.
She also found a boxing coach and I said no until she said we will do it together.
For months she and I took boxing lessons together until I felt comfortable to do it on my own.
She was my biggest cheerleader and was at every game when I played one minute to when I played the entire game.
My freshman year of school soccer I made varsity and played every game.
We started Only Positive Stories to share positively.
We want everyone to find their strong in whatever makes you happy.