Dylan Simons

Find your strong in YOU!

It’s all about how you feel about yourself!

Mom always says “Find your strong in yourself not others.”

My Mom introduced me to gymnastics when I was 4 and since then it has become my passion.
I remember her telling me from an early age to never to care about what other kids say.
She explained that because my brother and I were adopted.
Mom said some kids may say “Do you ever want to meet your real Mom and Dad?”
She said to be confident that I am with my real Mom and Dad and that it doesn’t matter how we came to be a family.
That adoption is love and to be proud of our story- my story.
She said sharing our journey may help others understand or find their strength.

Mom said the same thing about my sport gymnastics - She said other kids may not understand the sport and may even make fun but to again find my strength in myself.
I became the first male cheerleader at my school and again she said find your strength in yourself if other boys may laugh or make fun.

Mom said believe in yourself - believe in your family.
Do the right thing and to treat everyone the same no matter what.
She said if people are blue or purple have no legs or no arms
to always treat everyone the same and teach them to find their own strong in themselves.

I try to live up to that everyday.
I choose to be around positive friends and although I am an athlete most of my friends do not even play one sport.
My friends find their strengths in other things.

At Only Positive Stories - we want to share Positive stories about finding your own inner strength no matter what the circumstances.

So join us- wear our merch- be proud of who you are and Find Your Strong in You!!!